What's online marketing and how Does It Work?

What's online marketing?

online marketing is an internet marketing channel through which advertisers (or organizations who present a product or carrier) pay publishers on a pay-for-performance foundation. Unlike Google AdSense where you earn only for clicks. You’re most effectively paid for results which is usually a sale or a lead (having successfull registration or subscriptions). In online marketing as advertisers can pay simplest for outcomes its a win-win circumstance as they don’t ought to shell out giant amount of money in Banner promoting or Pay-Per-click on Networks like Google AdWords, Microsoft adCenter or Yahoo! Search advertising where the results don't seem to be assured.

online marketing is a sort of efficiency based marketing where an enterprise rewards one or more of its affiliates for every leads brought about by means of the affiliate’s own advertising efforts. This type trade has four core players - the merchant (also called ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains affiliate to choose from and additionally takes care of the payments), the writer (also referred to as ‘the affiliate’), and the client.

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Money in the current world has several variations - if we look back into the history we human started trading with shells & later on we started trading cows for our own needs. As times passby we found Gold bars & started using it for trading for goods. We also made the gold bars into the small coins so it can be traded easily based on the counts. later we found the traditional coins with numbers printed on it. As it was found more heavier, we came up with paper money. As we didnt want to get theft or lose our wallet - we moved all our money to money cards (debit). Later innovations ideas forced bank to lend money blindly with mere identification proof which was called Credit card. Then we even not satisified with it, so we moved everything to our handheld device - one can pay using their phones using QR code or BAR Codes. What an Transitions! We will continue evolving with this trend & move towards micro or nano chips that can carry all our debits. Or even we may get things into our identity like Finger Prints or Eye Scanning which can make you carry all your money without holding just nothing!.

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Yes you read the title correct, It is a Name Contest that i ended up scratching my head recently & found it is quite interesting. All you need to do is to get an Available domain name or Fantasy Company names for the Contest Holders. Which can simply earn you 100 or more dollars for each winning names. 

This is quite straight forward, you can start searching for top name contest sites (one such example is SquadHelp) and register an account first. Once the account is setup, initially SquadHelp will have some limitations like you will be assigned with some random contests where you can participate and log maximum of 5 entires. 

Based on the quality of your entries, SquadHelp will promote your account by unlocking the restrictions they placed at the first place. Henceforth you will be able to access all the contests created & you will be allowed to log 5 entries maximum.

Typically Contests will run from few days to 1 week and it is quite transparent to see total number of entries placed on the contest & total "Love it", "Like it", "On Right Track" & "No Thank you" Rated by Contest Holder. There are 4 Ratings for each entry for the Contest & Contest Holder can rate with any of them based on his requirements. More Likes or Love it will gain you more probability to win the contest.

SquadHelp will let the Contestants to withdraw their names if they receive "No Thank you" Rating, hence they can submit one more entry for the contest. Also SquadHelp will not deduct any points when there is "No Thank you" rating placed.

SquadHelp Points are allocated whenever you participate on contest, when Contest Holder rates  "Love it", "Like it", "On Right Track". If you log 5 entries on a contest - you will receive 5 points, If Contest Holder rate Like It - you will receive 20 points, If it is "Love it" - you will receive 30 points. If you win the contest - you will receive 100 points.

There are similar sites out there like SquadHelp - for example NameStation, NameContest etc., Where you can show your creative skills to make some passive income. Start discovering & enjoy developing your naming skills! Good luck!

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